The red bean and red lentil flours give the product a spreadable and firm texture: perfect on toast or bread!


Our recipe

Water – 37.9%

Tomato puree – 22%

Red bean flour – 16.7%

Sunflower oil – 9.6%

Red lentil flour – 5.1%

Dried red pepper – 3%

Dried corn – 2%

Powdered onion – 1%

Paprika – 0.8%

Powdered garlic – 0.4%

Cumin – 0.4%

Coriander – 0.4%

Herbes de Provence – 0.4%

Ginger – 0.2%

Pepper – 0.1%


Our process

Mix the dry ingredients, water and tomato puree together at 80°C for 6 min ;
Add the oil and mix again at 80°C for 2 min ;
Put in jars and sterilise for 1h30 at 80°C in a water bath.


List of ingredients

Water, Tomato purer, Flours (Red bean, Red lentil), Sunflower oil, Red pepper, Corn, Spices, Herbs.


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