The toasted version of crushed chickpeas gives a "yellow" colour to the tabbouleh.


Our recipe

Tomatoes – 31.7%

Crushed chickpeas (2-3mm) – 17.6%

Wheat bulgur – 17.6%

Onion – 15.9%

Olive oil – 10.5%

Lemon juice – 5.3%

Parsley – 1.1%

Salt – 0.3%


Our process

For a 1kg recipe, boil 3L of water with 30g of salt.
Pour the chickpea crushed and the wheat bulgur in the water and cook for 12 minutes.
Drain the preparation then pour it into a suitable container.
Add the other ingredients and mix.
Refrigerate the preparation.


List of ingredients

Fresh tomatoes, Rehydrated crushed chickpeas, Rehydrated wheat bulgur, Raw onion, Olive oil, Lemon juice, Parsley, Salt.

Allergens: Gluten.


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