Rich in proteins / Source of fibres


Our recipe

Water – 34.6%

Ready-to-use mix – 30.3%

Broccoli – 27.5%

Goat’s cheese – 7.6%


Our process

Stir together the mix with water
Add the vegetables, mix
Add the cheese, mix
Shape the sticks (20g)
Coat with batter-mix & multi-grains breadcrumbs
Fry in olive oil for 45 seconds at 190°C
Bake in a steam oven for 7 minutes at 210°C


List of ingredients

Rehydrated textured proteins (wheat & soya), Broccolis (25%), Goat's cheese (7%) (Milk), Breadcrumbs (Wheat flour, Rapeseed oil, Yeast, Salt), Seeds mix (Flax, Millet, Sesame, Poppy), Starch, Sunflower oil, Egg white powder, Vegetable fibres, Sugar, Glucose syrup, Salt, Natural aroma, Rehydrated onion, Low-fat cocoa powder, Spices, Aromatic plants, Wheat flour, Wheat gluten.

Allergens: Gluten, Soya, Dairy, Eggs, Sesame.


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