The textured proteins and toasted quinoa will bring crunchiness and taste to your cereal bar and will boost its nutritional qualities (proteins, fibres).


Our recipe

Wheat Textured Vegetable Proteins – 20%

Crushed salted peanuts – 19.1%

Honey – 18%

Glucose syrup – 18%

Extruded rice billets – 12%

Toasted quinoa seeds – 7%

Raisins – 5%

Wheat fibres – 0.7%

Powdered cinnamon – 0.2%


Our process

Heat the glucose syrup and honey at 70°C ;
Add the mixture to the dried ingredients, mix at low speed for 2 min ;
Shape the cereal bars ;
Bake at 120°C for 10 min.


List of ingredients

Wheat textured proteins, Salted peanuts (Peanuts, Salt), Honey, Glucose syrup, Extruded rice, Quinoa, Raisins (Grapes, Vegetable oil), Wheat fibres, Cinnamon.

Allergens: Gluten, Nuts.


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