Rich in proteins and source of fibres, you can use PROVETEX XS or XL according to the desired texture


Our recipe

For 1 kg

Pork meat : 450g
Water : 328g
Soy textured protein PROVETEX M : 180g
Wheat fibre : 19g
Provencal herbs : 10g
Salt : 10g
Black pepper : 3g


Our process

Mix soy textured protein, herbs and spices with water
Let stand for 5 minutes and then add meat and fibre
Let stand for 30 min at least at 4°C
Chop the mixture and shape the sausage
Let stand at 4°C at least 1 hour
Cook in pan for 10 minutes


List of ingredients

Rehydrated soy protein (50%), pork meat (45%), wheat fibre, provencal herbs, salt, black pepper.


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