"La Nouvelle Agriculture" wheat flour is the result of traced and milled wheat produced according to strict specifications for sustainable agricultural practices. This flour is used to make bread and baguettes with an intense taste and a pleasant colour.


Our recipe

Flour – 57.2%

Water – 41.2%

Salt – 1%

Yeast – 0.6%


Our process

- Kneading :
- First mixing (speed 1) : 5 min (oblique) - 8 min (spiral)
- Second mixing (speed 2) : 4 min (spiral) - 12 min (oblique)
- Temperature of the dough: 25°C
- First fermentation: 1h30
- Weighing: 250g dough pieces with a slightly oval form
- Second fermentation: 20-30 min
- Shaping: Baguette
- Proofing: 1h30 at 20°C
- Cooking time: 18-20 min at 240°C with steam


List of ingredients

Wheat flour, Water, Wheat gluten, Buckwheat bran, Toasted wheat malt, Baker's yeast, Salt, Antioxidant: E300.

Allergens: Gluten.


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