Rich in proteins & fibres


Our recipe

For 10L of instant soup:

Water – 90%

TT-B red lentil flour – 5%

Skim milk powder – 2.2%

Curry – 1.1%

Tomato powder – 0.9%

Natural cooked onion aroma – 0.4%

Salt – 0.2%

Natural coconut aroma – 0.2%


Our process

For 100g of mix, boil 90cL of water
Pour the dry mix in the boiling water, mix well with a wix until completely dissolved

Can be stored in a cool place.
To restore, shake well with a whisk before reheating.


List of ingredients

Water, Red lentil flour, Milk powder, Curry, tomato powder, Natural aromas, Salt.

Allergens: Dairy


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Rich in proteins / Rich in fibres

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