Replacement of the eggs (23% of the cake dough) by an Easy Mix Egg Substitute + Water (21% & 79%)


Our recipe

Wheat flour – 31.5%

Sugar – 20%

Water – 18.2%

Sunflower oil – 13.3%

Glucose syrup – 10%

Vegetable Egg Substitute Easy Mix – 4.8%

Baking powder – 1%

Emulsifying E471 – 0.5%

Fine salt – 0.3%

Preservative E282 – 0.2%

Vanilla aroma – 0.2%


Our process

Mix the vegetable Egg Substitute Easy Mix with water with a hand or electric whisk
Incorporate the glucose syrup & the powders
Mix it all together
Incorporate the oil
Mix again
Pour into cake baking pins
Baking: 30 minutes at 180°C for 300g cakes.


List of ingredients

Wheat flour, Sugar, Water, Sunflower oil, Glucose syrup, Lentil flour, Baking powder, Emulsifying (E471), Salt, Thickener: xanthan gum (E415), Vanilla aroma, Preservative (E282), Plant protein hydrolysate, Setting agent: agar-agar (E406).

Allergens: Wheat


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