Rich in fibres / Source of proteins


Our recipe

Oats flakes – 16%

Lupin flakes – 16%

Chocolate chips – 13%

Sunflower oil – 13%

Rice flour – 10%

Honey – 8%

Standard lupin flour – 6%

Hazelnuts – 6%

Dextrose syrup – 6%

Dried apricots – 5%

Cinnamon – 0,3%


Our process

Warm up the honey, dextrose syrup & fat.
Add the flours, flakes, hazelnuts & dried fruits.
Add water to form small agglomerates.
Baking: 15 minutes at 180°C
Let it cool at least 15 minutes


List of ingredients

Oats flakes, Lupin flakes, Chocolate chips, Sunflower oil, Rice flour, Honey, Lupin flour, Hazelnut, Dextrose syrup, Dried apricots, cinnamon.

Allergens: Gluten, Lupin, Nuts


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