Source of protein and fibres


Our recipe

For 1 kg :

Egg : 273 g
Water : 228 g
Wheat flour : 210 g
Sugar : 118 g
Sunflower oil : 91 g
Lupin flour FARILUP 400 LHE/TE or FRALU-T-NF : 46 g
Milk powder : 27 g
Baking powder : 5.5 g
Salt : 0.9 g


Our process

Mix water and milk powder
Add the liquid ingredients and mix
Add the dry ingredients and mix
Bake in the waffle iron for 3 minutes 30 seconds


List of ingredients

Egg, water, wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, whole lupin flour, milk powder, baking powder (E450i, E500ii), salt.

Allergens : Egg, gluten, lupin, milk

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