Source of fibres


Our recipe

For 1 kg :

Water : 270 g
Oat flour : 263 g
Corn starch : 177 g
Hydrogenated copra oil : 177 g
Lupin flour FRALU-T or FARILUP 350T : 47 g
Cassava starch : 45 g
Baking powder : 13 g
Salt : 8 g


Our process

Mix the dry ingredients
Add oil and water and mix
Roll out the dough and cut out the crackers
Bake for 15 minutes at 180°C.


List of ingredients

Oat flour, corn starch, hydrogenated coconut oil, lupin flour, cassava starch, baking powder (E450i, E500ii), salt.

Allergens : Lupin, gluten

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