Source in proteins, phosphorus, magnesium and omega 3 & Rich in fibres


Our recipe

Omega 3 & Fibres Bread Flour – 58.1%

Water – 38.4%

Yeast – 3.5%


Our process

- Kneading :
- First mixing (speed 1) : 3-4 min (oblique or spiral)
- Second mixing (speed 2) : 8-10 min (oblique or spiral)
- Temperature of the dough: 23-25°C
- First fermentation: 45-60 min (with a fold at 30 min)
- Weighing: 330-350g dough pieces
- Second fermentation: 15-20 min
- Shaping: Batard / Put into aluminium moulds
- Proofing: 1h15


List of ingredients

Wheat flour, Water, Rye flour, Oat bran, Flax seeds and flour, Wheat gluten, Sunflower, Malted wheat flakes, Salt, Baker's yeast, Roasted and malted barley flour, Sugar, Antioxidant: E300 and Rosemary extract.

Allergens: Gluten


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