Source of proteins Source of fibres Source of phosphorus, magnesium & vitamin B1 Rich in omega 3


Our recipe

Flour T65 – 42.5%

Water – 36.4%

Premix 30% BBC Omega 3 Bread – 18.2%

Yeast – 1.8%

Salt – 1.1%


Our process

Kneading (kneader oblique axis)
- 5 minutes in first speed / 11 minutes in second speed
- Temperature at the end of the kneading process: 23-25°C
Fermentation: 20 minutes
Shaping: Laminated ball with chia & sunflower topping
Relaxation: 20 minutes
Faffing: 1h15 at 24-25°C
Baking: 26 minutes at 230°C


List of ingredients

Wheat flour, Seeds (sunflower, brown flax, yellow flax, chia), Roasted malted wheat, Yeast, Salt, Gluten, Wheat germ, Acerola extract, Natural rosemary extract.

Allergens: Gluten


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