The use of FRALU-CON gives to the dough a nice yellow color and makes it less brittle.


Our recipe

For 1 kg :

Whole egg : 357g
Rice flour : 120g
Corn flour : 120g
Potato starch : 120g
Corn starch : 120g
Lupin protein concentrate FRALU-CON : 120g
Olive oil : 38g
Guar gum : 5g


Our process

Combine dry ingredients and then add eggs and oil
Mix for 4 minutes at medium speed
Let the dough rest at 4°C
Roll out the dough to the desired thickness, then cut tagliatelle
Preparation for tasting: Cook for 7 minutes in boiling water


List of ingredients

Egg, Flour (rice, corn), Starches (potato, corn), lupin protein concentrate, olive oil, thickener : guar gum

Allergens : Lupin, egg


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