Rich in fibres (13g for 100g) Rich in proteins (24% of TEI)


Our recipe

Wheat gluten – 20.6%

Wheat flour – 13.7%

Yellow flax seeds – 9.6%

Brown flax seeds – 9.6%

Sunflower seeds – 9.6%

Lupine flakes – 8.2%

Standard lupine flour – 6.8%

Sesame seeds – 6.8%

Wheat bran – 6.8%

Wheat germ – 4.1%

Yeast – 1.9%

Salt – 1.4%

Barley malt – 0.7%

+ Water – 80%


Our process

Put all the dry ingredients in the dough trough, except the salt & yeast
Mix for 2 minutes
Add the salt, oil, yeast & water
Knead for 15 minutes
Fill aluminium moulds halfway (L=16cm / H=6cm)
Let rise for 3 hours in an oven
Baking: 30 minutes at 220°C


List of ingredients

Wheat gluten, Wheat flour, Yellow flax seeds, Brown flax seeds, Sunflower seeds, Lupine flakes, Lupine flour, Sesame seeds, Wheat bran, Wheat germ, Yeast, Salt, Barley malt, Water

Allergens: Gluten, Lupine, Sesame


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