Soy bits adds color, proteins, fibres and iron to your granola. For more greediness you can add 7% hazelnuts and 12% dried fruits or 12% chocolate bits.


Our recipe

For 1 kg

Chickpea flakes TT-T : 305g
Oat flakes : 195g
Soy granulates SOYBITS : 172g
Rapeseed oil : 140g
Honey : 91g
Sugar : 61g
Wheat flour : 36g


Our process

- Mix dry ingredients and then mix with honey and oil
- Spread the mixture on a baking sheet
- Bake at 150°C for 20 minutes
- Let cool and then break into small pieces
- Add nuts, fruits, chocolate,...


List of ingredients

Chickpea flakes, oat flakes, soy granulates (17%), rapeseed oil, honey, sugar, wheat flour.

Allergens : soy, gluten


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