Improvement of organoleptic qualities


Our recipe

Rice flour – 16.1%

Potato starch – 16.1%

Standard corn starch – 14.5%

Pre-gelatinised corn starch – 6.2%

Buckwheat flour – 2.5%

Rapeseed oil – 1.9%

Sugar – 1.5%

Yeast – 1.9%

Toasted whole lupine flour – 0.6%

E464 – 0.6%

Salt – 1.1%

+ Water – 37.1%


Our process

Put all the dry ingredients in the dough trough, except the salt & yeast
Mix for 2 minutes
Add water
Knead for 5 minutes
Put in mould
Let rise for 1h15 in an oven (27°C)
Baking: 40 minutes at 240°C


List of ingredients

Rice flour, Potato starch, Corn starch, Buckwheat flour, Rapeseed oil, Sugar, Yeast, Lupine flour, E464, Salt, Water.

Allergens: Lupine


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