In sauces, legume flours play their emulsifying role while thickening the preparation and improving the nutritional aspect. Source of fibres.


Our recipe

Sunflower oil – 45.5%

Water – 16.8%

Ketchup – 13.4%

Lupin protein concentrate – 6%

Red bean flour – 6%

Mustard – 5.9%

Vinegar – 2.5%

Double tomato concentrate – 1.6%

Wheat fibres – 0.9%

Salt – 0.8%

Inulin – 0.5%

Pepper – 0.05%

Chilli powder – 0.05%


Our process

Mix the dry ingredients, water and mustard together ;
Add the oil ;
Add the vinegar, ketchup and tomato concentrate and mix until the mixture is homogeneous.


List of ingredients

Sunflower oil, Ketchup (Tomatoes, Sugar, Alcool vinegar, Salt, Natural aromas, Spices), Water, Lupin protein concentrate, Red bean flour, Mustard (Water, Mustard seeds, Alcool vinegar, Salt, Acidifier: Citric acid, Conservator: Sulphite), Wine vinegar (Sulphites), Tomato concentrate, Wheat fibres, Salt, Inulin, Pepper, Chilli.

Allergens: Lupin, Mustard, Gluten, Sulphite.


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