The seed crumbs add crunch and an original look to the product.


Our recipe


  • Water – 55.9%
  • Wheat and red lentil textured proteins – 24.7%
  • Aromatic mix (Fried onions, natural aromas, aromatics) – 6.7%
  • Potato starch – 4.9%
  • Fibres – 4.3%
  • Wheat flour – 2.1%
  • Methylcellulose – 1.4%

Crumb coating:

  • Water – 44.8%
  • Crumbs (plain or with seeds) – 34.5%
  • Batter mix – 20.7%


Our process

Hydrate the TVPs in water for 15 min ;
Add the dry ingredients and mix ;
Let rest for up to 24h at 4°C ;
Shape nuggets of 14g ;
Crumb coating: batter mix + water then crumbs ;
Fry at 190°C for 1 min ;
Let rest for up to 24h at 4°C ;
Bake for 12 min at 180°C V3.


List of ingredients

Rehydrated wheat and red lentil textured proteins, Potato starch, Fibres (including wheat), Wheat flour, Natural aroma, Fried onions (Onion, Sunflower oil), Thickener: Methylcellulose, Garlic, Pepper.
Crumb coating:
Water, Seeds (Brown flax, Yellow flax, Poppy), Oat flakes, Wheat flour, Wheat gluten, Salt, Yeast, Sunflower oil.

Allergens: Gluten.


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