Source of proteins and fibres


Our recipe

T65 Flour – 31.8%

Liquid Sourdough – 27.2%

Water – 27.2%

Premix 30% Green Lentil, Chickpea, Quinoa – 13.6%

Yeast – 0.2%


Our process

- Kneading (mixer)
- 5 min in first speed / 5 min in second speed
- Temperature at the end of kneading: 24-25°C
- Fermentation: 90 min then fold
- Cold fermentation (4°C): 12-16h
- Division/Shaping: Weight at 350g, degas and round slightly
- Second fermentation: 60min
- Shaping: Slightly degassed paving stone shaping
- Proofing: 60min at 24-25°C
- Prebaking: 13 min at 250°C
- Fermentation: 120 min
- Deep freezing at -30°C
- Re-implementation: Baking for 20 min at 220°C (No defrosting beforehand)


List of ingredients

Wheat flour, Water, Wheat sourdough, Green lentil flour, Chickpea flour, Quinoa flour, Yeast, Salt.

Allergens: Gluten.

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