Replacement of the egg (24.5% of the dough) by an Easy Mix Egg Substitute + Water (23.5% / 76.5%).


Our recipe

Dark chocolate – 31.5%

Unsalted butter – 19.5%

Water – 18.7%

Sugar – 16%

Wheat flour – 8%

Easy Mix Vegetable egg substitute – 5.8%

Baking powder – 0.5%


Our process

Melt the butter and chocolate ;
Mix Easy Mix Egg substitute with water and incorporate to the previous mixture ;
Add the rest of the powders and mix again ;
Pour into a greased mould ;
Bake for 18 min at 200°C (for about 600g cake).


List of ingredients

Dark chocolate, Butter, Water, Sugar, Wheat flour, Whey protein, Lentil flour, Baking powder, Gelling agent: Agar-agar (E406), Thickener: Guar seed flour (E241).

Allergens: Gluten, Dairy.


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