Source of proteins and fibres, wheat and faba bean textured proteins can be replaced in this recipe by wheat and green lentil textured proteins.


Our recipe

For 1 kg of empanadas :

Empanadas dough :
Corn flour : 213g
Water : 164g
Wheat flour : 107g
Colza oil : 41g
Toasted corn germ FLAV R GRAIN D20 : 5g
Salt : 3g

Filing :
Beef meat (15% fat) : 129g
Tomato sauce : 98g
Water : 80g
Whole tomato : 57g
Wheat-faba bean textured proteins INVAH-TEX B-F55-S : 41g
Kidney beans bits : 35.7g
Wheat fibres : 3.3g
Onions : 15g
Cumin powder : 3g
Parsley : 1.3g
Paprika powder : 1g
Black pepper : 0.5g


Our process

For the empanadas dough :
Mix all ingredients together, form a ball and let the dough rest for 1 hour at 4 °C
Roll the dough to 2.5 mm thickness and make cercles with a diameter of 10 cm

For the filing :
Mix all dry ingredients (except the fibre) with textured proteins
Add water, meat, fibre and mix
Let stand for 30 minutes at least at 4°C
Chop the mixture and add vegetables, kidney beans and the tomato sauce
Put it on dough circles close it and bake in an oven for 15 minutes at 180°C


List of ingredients

Empanadas dough (53%) : corn and wheat flours, water, colza oil, corn germ, salt

Filing (47%) : rehydrated textures protein (12% wheat gluten, faba bean flour), beef (10,6%), tomato sauce, (water, tomato, citric acid), tomato, kidney beans (3,6%), onions, wheat fibres, cumin powder, persil, salt, paprika powder, black pepper.


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